Need to move your sauna?

While some moving companies claim to be experienced at moving spas, our moving company is exactly that: a company that is dedicated to being the reigning authority in getting your hot tub to wherever you need it to be quickly, efficiently, and without a scratch.

Services We Offer
-Hot Tub and Spa Delivery
-Hot Tub and Spa Relocation
-Driveway-to-Backyard Spa Moving

What Sets Us Apart?

1. We use custom-made hot tub moving equipment. Because we are a specialized service, our equipment is custom-made and designed to transport your spa without damage to it or your property. 

2. No-Damage Guarantee. Between our highly experienced staff and our state-of-the-art spa moving equipment, there's nothing to worry about.  When you go with us you can rest assured your hot tub will arrive in pristine condition without a scratch on it, or your money back.

3. We won't tear up your lawn. In fact, we won't even drive on it unless you instruct us to. We use special dollies and lifts to move your spa across your lawn without any damage to the lawn.

4. Affordable Rates. Your spa or hot tub was a major investment, you shouldn't have to pay a fortune to have it delivered to your home. We'll protect your investment and deliver it safely to your home without breaking the bank.

Leave it to the professionals
You may think that moving your hot tub on your own is the cheapest choice, but we urge you to consider the potential risks before making it a DIY project. Jacuzzi's can weigh up to 1000 pounds or more and can cause serious damage or personal injury if not handled properly. Moving a spa safely requires specialized equipment that is designed to handle the unique shape and weight distribution.