Packing Services

Moving time can be a very exciting time, but let’s face it: nothing is exciting about packing. We understand this; that’s why we offer a full-service white glove solution for all of your packing needs.


Packing your whole home up is not just time-consuming; it is also expensive when you think about all the materials you will need to get. You have to get the boxes, tape, markers, bubble wrap, newspaper, tv boxes, and more. With our full-service packing, we include 100% of what’s needed to complete the job and protect your valuables as if they were we’re our own.


If you want to pack yourself, that is fine; we can deliver all the supplies you need to get packed up and ready for the move.


If you’re too busy with other aspects of your move, leave the packing part to us.


The day before your move, the friendly professionals at Move Right Now will come to your home, pack 100% of the items in your house securely and get them ready for an easy move. 


With our packing service, you only need to worry about transporting your family to your new home. We transport everything else for you.  


Why Use our Home Packing Service?

You might be so busy with other aspects of your move that you might lack the time and energy needed to safely pack your household items.


Need to move in a hurry? If you just found out you need to move and only have a few days, you might not have the time required to get the job done. Then our full packing service is the perfect solution for you.


Packing for your move doesn’t just mean that you’ll need to buy boxes and tape. You will also need supplies such as foam packing, paper or bubble wrap for glass, extra study boxes for your heavy items such as books, tools, and so much more.


As professional movers, Move Right Now already has all of the supplies needed to ensure a successful move for you and your family.


The best part of using our packing service is on moving day; you won’t have to lift a single finger.


You can concentrate on bringing your essential items to your car and making any last-minute phone calls — we’ll handle the rest.


Sensitive and Specialty Items Packing Services

Every home has items requiring a delicate touch because of their size or value, such as large-screen televisions, a Piano, an Aquarium, Artwork, and more.


When you utilize our packing services, you would be working with a company that does far more than merely tossing items inboxes.


Here are just some ways to prepare your treasured items to ensure safety during transport.


  • Custom crate building for bulky, fragile, and oddly shaped items such as framed artwork and mechanical clocks

  • Anti-static wrap for your televisions and other electronics devices

  • Ample supply of packing materials for all of your fragile household items such as dishes, glassware, china, pictures, and mirrors

We create an inventory and label each box to help you get unpacked easily when you reach your new home and look for something specific.

Easy Pack and Move Service

Have you weighed all the pros and cons of packing your household items vs. having a packing service like Move Right Now do it for you?


One of the drawbacks of packing your household items yourself is that you may not always know the safest way to pack fragile or uniquely shaped items are.


Even if all the other aspects of your move are handled right, an item that’s packed incorrectly is potentially susceptible to damage.


When you hire Move Right Now, you will know that all of your items are packed in the safest possible way; this is what we do for a living, so we know how to secure every last thing in your home. 


We verify that your items have been packed professionally. Because of that, we can offer moving insurance at a reasonable rate if you are seeking an added layer of protection.


If something unforeseen happens to any of your items during the moving process to an insured item, we’ll pay for it, no questions asked.


Contact us about Packing Services.

No matter if you plan to do all your packing, our trained relocation specialists can still be your go-to resource for any packing tips you could ever need. Give us a call if you have questions about any particular items and how to pack them for safe shipping.